Wednesday, December 30, 2009

太 (Futo in Takadanobaba)



This shop was (past tense) a temporary collaboration between two awesome shops. Kaikaro brought the noodles, and Mengekijo Genei brought the soup. I had tried to go a few weeks ago, but Monday was the day off, and I wanted to go on a Monday. Since the 30th of December was the absolute last day to try this, it had to be done.


Nate of's description of the shop, sent via a series of text messages while waiting in line and after eating, completely sold me. Let the picture speak for itself!


The creamy side, on the left, was made with all sorts of seafood, including clams and shrimp. It reminded me of the rice congee porridge that is popular in Korea and China. Thick and luscious.

The other side was flavored with what tasted like shoyu and sesame oil.


Two thin slices of kabocha, Japanese pumpkin, was a nice touch.


The stewed pork was nothing short of amazing. It tasted like beef jerky. Not the crap you get at Costco either, but the homemade countryside beef jerky that you find out in the middle of nowhere on road trips.


800 yen for a bowl... if you don't like to write. If you create a simple message using the word Futo (it means fat), then you can eat for 650 yen.


Some of the past customer's messages.


Mine. Fat-tastic!


The staff was having a great time. Recently, I've really been noticing the dynamics of the staff at popular ramen shops. Some are serious, and all about getting business done. But others are just having fun, laughing, and loving the ramen life. Shops leaning towards the latter get big props from me.

Nate's Entry

More Shop Info Here

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