Wednesday, December 30, 2009

camino (near Ikenoue)



I came for the vegetables, and stayed for the booze! Look at all that liquor.


I found camino on one of the Japanese ramen blogs I follow. Besides having regular fare, they make a yasai (vegetable) tsukemen that looks gorgeous. Check this out:


Yeah, I had to make the trip out for this. I can count at least 8 different kinds of vegetables. Some of the vegetables were cooked in boiling water, alongside the noodles, to make them tender.


The soup I ordered was a shio dipping sauce. It was okay, but I think the regular style tsukemen soup looked better.


Eating it was a challenge. Do I dip the big piece of lettuce into the hot soup and eat it? Should I eat noodles and carrot in the same bite?


The atmosphere of the shop was like a cozy neighborhood cafe. I'd totally hang out here if I lived around the corner.

And, by the way, the name camino has no special meaning to the store. I think they just liked the word.

Official Site Here (there is a coupon on the page for 100 yen off)

More Shop Info Here

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