Monday, November 23, 2009

海神 (Kaijin in Shinjuku)



Just outside Shinjuku Station's SE exit is a jumble of shops. Pachinko parlors, brand name clothing shops, massage parlors, and of course food. Usually, the only adventure here is finding your friends. When I first moved to Japan, 3 foreigners tried to meet for the first tiem in Shinjuku station. Agreeing to meet at the "Starbucks" is not a wise choice. Now I'm wiser, and chose the SE exit. I wandered around the block 3 times before finding this little 2nd floor shop with a name meaning Poseidon.


The god of the sea would approve, assuming he eats seafood. Does the great Neptune feast on the inhabitants of his realm?


This is the second time in a week that I've had a simple salt broth with some sort of unique topping. With a flavor and texture similar to something you'd find at a dim sum restaurant, these dumplings are made with a long list of fruits of the sea.


Anyone know what 日本のアラ, Japanese Ara, is?


I had the spicy soup. You can choose your level. Medium was fine.


Putting a fried rice ball in the soup seems to be the new trend with this type of light soup.


Kaijin is woman owned, and I caught a glimpse of the owner in the back, barking orders at a couple of young punks. Not a bad gig though, if you ask me.


All this light ramen lately! That's what I get for going to shops featured in a book called "Girl's Ramen Club". Well, I've got my eyes on something different soon, don't worry.

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