Thursday, November 12, 2009

大つけ博: 頑者 (Ganja at the Big Tsukemen Fair)

大つけ博: 頑者


A friend in town meant another adventure to the Big Tsukemen Fair in Hibiya. That's no problem, because I wanted to hit up one more spot.


The kanji characters here mean obstinate person. But the real meaning is in the pronunciation. Gan and Ja. Ganja. Meet the staff of Ganja.


Cool guys from my old town of Kawagoe, about an hour away in Saitama. On occasion I make a trip back up there. Next time I'll try and visit the head shop. If the ramen is good, that is.


Straight forward tsukemen. A thick, porky, fishy soup that coats the thick noodles well. The noodles were so-so. But the addition of aburi, a lightly grilled piece of fatty pork, made this dish.


Oh, and they just ran out of the ganja topping.


Shop info here

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