Thursday, November 19, 2009

極盛り (Extreme Size at Mitsuyado)


Ramen adventures come in all shapes and... sizes. After a couple of beers at my favorite beer pub in Nakameguro, nothing is better than some tsukemen from Mitsuyado.


The double cheese tsukemen is a crowd pleaser. When I explained the size options to my friend J, I explained about nami (normal), chu (medium), and omori (big). But there are other options present. Tokumori I've seen before. It translates to special size. Then there was a new one... kiwamori... extreme size. Keep in mind that 250 grams of noodles is standard. A hungry appetite should go for the big size. But at a whopping 1500 grams, kiwamori is for special occasions.


Like today. My buddy ain't from around here. Both the waiter and I double checked his want for over 3 pounds of noodles. His logic, beautifully stated, "It's only an extra 400 yen... and I'm hungry!"


Word from the staff is that 2 or 3 people order this a day.


2 hours later, and he's still alive. Let's see if he makes it through the night.

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