Saturday, October 10, 2009

よってこや (Yottekoya in Bunkyo)



Kyoto style. That's what my book said. I recently bought a ramen guide to local style ramen from around Japan in Tokyo. 43 dubbed "ramen styles"... all available in this great metropolis.


One might assume that Kyoto style would be something uber-refined. Kaiseki ryori, Japanese haute cuisine, is analogous with Kyoto. If you pony up to $300 for a proper kaiseki course, expect a dozen or so courses, using only the freshest of seasonal ingredients, expertly prepared by someone trained from a young age, served on immaculate dishware.


This is why I was so surprised by Kyoto style ramen.


A greasy, garlicky mess.


Tons of suspended fat globules, which sound better if you just call it abura. Black garlic oil. Roasted pork. Lets look at the details.

The soup was ok. Pretty basic for this porky style. The addition of the garlic oil was a plus.

The charred pork on top was great. Crispy and tender at the same time. A+.

The noodles were some of the worst I'd had in Japan. I think they used a 20 cent bag of instant noodles. It really killed the dish.

You can choose black, white, or red. Mine is the black.


Nate from Waseda Ramen had the spicy red. He wasn't impressed either.

Shop info here.

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