Saturday, October 10, 2009

吉村家ラーメン (Yoshimura in Yokohama)



Here it is people. The #1 iekei (lit. house style) ramen shop around. The location is awesome. From Yokohama station you walk down crowded streets, past bars and shops, arcades and pachinko parlors. Look for the huge line that is a constant at Yoshimura.


Seating for about 20 people in line. Go ahead and order from the vending machine before you sit down. What color ramen do you want today?


Blue and yellow is a popular choice.


Orange and green?


Purple is the standard Omori size. I think I added a blue after some careful thought.


Inside, 14 counter seats and 4 big tables means the line moves quick. Get ready!


This is THE BEST iekei I've ever sat down to. The pork tastes like steak. The soup is like drinking pure pork juice. The noodles have a great bite.

There's a good reason this is the number one shop around. It's the first. The original. Numero Uno. They started the whole iekei thing. So how is it that there are so many offshoots? Well, the recipe for their soup was no guarded secret, and that lead to a wildfire of Yokohama style shops popping up. In fact, the character , which is used as ya at this shop (as opposed to the more traditional ) became a sort of tag to show your shop's respect for the master*.

*And yes, the owner, Mr. Yoshimura himself, was arrested on charges regarding illegal pornography. I once found the owner of a local bar I often went to was on a sex offender website, and I never went back. So there you go, make whatever decision you want.


There's plenty of fresh garlic and ginger on the counter to add to your bowl. It doesn't need much, but you can't go wrong with garlic.


This is what I want to eat every time I've had a few too many to drink. Or, for that matter, every time I'm sober.

Shop info here


Xian said... this the same as the Ramen shop they have in Omori?? We went to one this past summer and the signs seem similar and so do the noodles.

Ramen Adventures said...

I don't know if this branch opened any other shops. The iekei story is complicated, since the owner gave his recipe out to anyone who wanted it. So there are hundreds that are this style around Japan.

Michelle Nelson said...

Thanks for the tip - what an awesome ramen find right by my house!

In addition to the incredible ramen, the lighting in Yoshimura was really good - my pictures turned out way better than they do in most restaurants!

(teamEggers' adventures at Yoshimura)

@Xian - I think their web site says there are 5 or 6 locations around yokohama?