Saturday, October 10, 2009

台風ラーメン (Typhoon Ramen in Sengoku)



Another shop in my area. I was struck by the big bold signage out front.


Especially the lightning bolt coming out of the bowl.


Inside, this was a really chill place. Get some water, in these artsy designer cups.


And I have no idea what this was about. A bottle keep system with photos of idols?


I notice 祭りラーメン... festival celebration ramen. It was pricey, something like 1200 yen, but I couldn't say no to a festival... could I?


Turns out it was just extra everything. And I don't mean a little extra. It was mounds of pork, handfuls of menma, like 10 slices of nori.


My friend got the tsukemen, which was fairly normal looking.


Actually, this shop should be called Typhoon Tsukemen, not Typhoon Ramen. This is the super thick, super fishy soup that comes standard at almost all Tokyo tsukemen joints.


But seriously though, that's a lot of menma.

The noodles were skinny things, which don't match very well with the thick soup. And the toppings, though plentiful, were all rather dull.

Shop info here.

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