Saturday, October 10, 2009

烈士洵名 (Resshijunmei in Bunkyo)



What a name! It looks like it means something like "The Hero's True Appellation".


I was watching Chikyugo Shokudo, a popular food show in Japan. Unlike most food shows in Japan, which only feature some wacky TV celebrity eating food and expressing how much he likes it, this show actually dives deep into the featured shop's specialty. Every aspect of this bowl was presented, documentary style, for a full half an hour. And then the map showed that it's only a 20 minute walk from my front door. I knew what had to be done.


Hailing from Nagano, the key at Resshijunmei is a balance of ingredients. Their soup is a triple soup. Starting with a pork and chicken broth for the base, adding a konbu broth to lighten it up, and finishing it off with a mix of various fish.


One of my books dubs this place as Nagano style. Maybe it's because of the use of white soy sauce from the Nagano area.


They were out of the special 地球号食堂 ramen. If a show is featured on TV, and you want to eat what the semi-famous TV talent just ate, it's best to arrive well before the shop opens.


A good bowl, very simple and aromatic. The noodles are great, firm and straight.


The tsukemen was so-so, stick with the ramen.


I'm constantly surprised by the quality of ramen in the Bunkyo district of Tokyo. I never had any idea.


Shop info here


HMiki said...

Daishi is getting hot in Bunkyo. It's about a 15min walk from Yushima. A former TV Champion (on TV Tokyo) Ramen King claims it will break through into Ramen fame. Basically Chuka-soba-style with chicken oil. Thoroughly prepared and delightful. For more stimulation, you can try Tamuraya. Closer to Hongo-Sanchome. Their Miso-Niku-Tofu-Tanmen is spicy-hot (if you get the "karasa-ari"), maybe a bit salty and pricey (1,100yen).

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks! Those shops look great. I'll give them a try.