Friday, October 16, 2009

大喜 (Daiki in Ueno)



I teach English at an adult school. As part of my introduction, I sometimes mention that I am crazy about ramen. This gets the obvious response, "What is your favorite flavor of ramen?" The answer is easy... all of em!


One of my students a few days ago lives in the same geographical area as me. We gave each other some local recomendations. I told him to go to Keisuke, and he told me to go to a place called Daiki, near Ueno park. I googled mapped it and it's right across from a big Don Quixote, and I needed to buy a pot and some taco seasoning and a Haloween costume (god bless you Donki!). It's also in the Yushima area, which is 2nd only to Kabukicho in Japanese style night entertainment. 680 yen won't get you far in this part of town... but it will get you a bowl of awesome shoyu ramen.


Actually, the specialty here is とりそば, chicken salt flavor, but they often run out. Get there early. I want to try this chicken wonton one in the near future.


Lot's of guys in there were drinking beer and having some snacks, before what I can assume to be an expensive night!

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Nate said...

dogg, this one looks blomb shiggety. i heard about it from like 2 other people the day after i wasn't able to go.