Saturday, October 24, 2009

大つけ博: 六厘舎 (Big Tsukemen Fair: Rokurinsha)



For the next 3 weeks, there is a tsukemen fair next to Hibiya park. Some of the top shops in Tokyo all created specials just for this event. You should go!


Every week, 6 different shops will show up to feed the masses. Grab your ticket!



One ticket gets you one bowl. I would have liked to see half size, so I could sample 2 or 3 bowls each time. I asked the guy holding a sign which he recommends.


Rokurinsha it is! He then warned me of a 10-15 minute line. Dude, I waited for an hour last week for TETSU, I can handle this.


Turns out that Rokurinsha is the hot new spot on the scene*. Maybe a trip to the actual shop is in the cards.


No choices, just the tsukemen.


Nice, some stewed pork I can option in. Each shop had one of these last minute impulse buys.


The noodles are cooked bulk, so if you are really picky, you might find fault in the mass produced method.


Lots of tables set out to sit at. Here's the final product.


The noodles were really thin, which is uncommon for tsukemen. The soup was very salty. I saw a group of guys with a stack of beer cans in front of them. Smart thinking!


You can buy gifts for your friends.


There are also some appearances by local talent. There was this dude.


I think I had seen him before on TV. Anyways, I asked one of the cute girls who looked like his groupie. She explained that he is on a show called シルシルミシル. It's one of those Japanese people eating things and saying it is good shows. He's famous with young and old alike! Then she sold me a $3 pack of stickers. Dude himself had no interest in talking with me though. And from this video I found on youtube:

... he ain't got the highest level of charisma.

Anyways, you should come to this fair between the 5th and 11th. I'll be volunteering some of my free time to help serve up some hot bowls. Ivan from Ivan Ramen is letting me help him out. I'll have more info soon, stay tuned!

*I've totally been here way back in the day. I'm bad with names.

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