Tuesday, October 27, 2009

大つけ博: なんつッ亭 (Big Tsukemen Fair: Nantsuttei)



A sunny day after the typhoon had me riding my bike on an adventure back to the Big Tsukemen Fair. Last time I went, I was chatting online with Keizo from GoRamen just before I left. He urged me to go to Nantsuttei. What did I do? I went to Rokurinsha instead.


This time I followed Keizo's advice to a T.


I'd been to the shop in Ikebukuro a month or so past. But what we had here was totally out there. Most shops created their own special just for this event. Nantsuttei was no exception.


Basil flavored noodles. It worked really well for a sunny day eating tsukemen outside. Totally a relaxing dish.


Handed to me by Ichiro himself.

This Thursday, a new group of shops comes into play. I'm hoping to eat up Junk Garage and Nagi, at a minimum.

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