Saturday, September 19, 2009

千石自慢 (Sengoku Jiman in Sengoku)



Leaving the veritable mecca of ramen that is Kichijoji, I packed my bags and moved to the Sengoku area of Bunkyo-ku. I put some photos of my new place on my other stupid blog. It's not as happening here in Sengoku, but surely there has to be some local ramen... right? Right indeed!


Not just any shop, but a shop named after the local 1km radius of Sengoku. Most Tokyo people don't even know where Sengoku is. I have to say I live near Sugamo, the next stop over.

I lined up with Nate around the noontime rush. This is ramen for the working masses. And for people to actually line up for 20 minutes on their lunch break from a construction site, gas station, or in my case, the local girl's high school, you know it's got to hold up.


I saw the kanji for meat, in front of the katakana for ramen, and knew exactly what I was getting. A mountain of roasted pork on top of the thick noodles and tonkotso soy soup. I was a little worried that it would be too strong, with too much floating abura. I had to go back and talk to a bunch of 17 year olds, and didn't want to be reeking of the stuff. But it was just right.


There's about half a dozen good looking shops in the vicinity, so I'll be hitting those up next. But it's always good to know there is a solid bowl nearby.


Shop info here


Anonymous said...

If you are in Sengoku, you have to try Hakusan Ramen 2-37-26 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku. Opens at 9PM and really only has one menu item, and the seating is on the sidewalk. But a quality place and the aesthetic is amusing.

Ramen Adventures said...

Yeah, I wrote about it, but haven't posted it yet. I have over a dozen ramen reviews, but I want to space them. with only 1 a day.