Monday, September 21, 2009

さんぱち (Sanpachi in Monbetsu)



Ramen took a spot on the back burner as I worked on a dairy farm for a couple weeks. Actually, everything... including my sanity, took a spot on the back burner. But this is neither the time nor place.


Sanpachi was originally from Hokkaido. The owner wanted to bring good ramen to the good people, and this is the result. It's a pretty normal ramen story, unlike the crazy ones from Tokyo with their drama and eccentric ramen masters.

This chain of 69 shops (69!) was first opened 20 years ago. It's spread around Japan and even the world, with a few shops in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Yeah, it's one of *those* types of shops.


The curry ramen was fine. Nothing amazing, but this is the middle of nowhere, you'd be lucky to find anything.

What a sad review for my last ramen in Hokkaido!

Shop info here

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