Saturday, September 19, 2009

なんつッ亭 (Nantsuttei in Ikebukuro)



When Nate over at Waseda Ramen gets excited about a bowl, you know it's gonna be good. Enter Nantsuttei.


The first thing you notice upon entering the store is the likeness of the owner EVERYWHERE. This is in no way a unique quirk, as many ramen chefs become sort of celebrites, and their faces somewhat of a branding tool. The master in question here is Ichiro. Head over to Nate's site for the run down on this dude. It's pretty interesting.


Yeah, the business cards are pretty fresh. But how is the ramen?


Hellllla good. This is Kumamoto style. Notice the signature mark of Kumamoto ramen, the black layer of burnt garlic oil. You can imagine that a bad bowl of Kumamoto ramen would be really bad.


The noodles stand up, the toppings are on point, and the soup is excellent.


Not sure about the use of ぶー here. Buuuuu is:
  1. The sound a pig makes
  2. The sound of farting
  3. The first sound in my name (Bu-ra-i-an)
Maybe it's also the sound of a big, happy belly. In that case


The shop was really nice and comfortable, with booths and shiny counters. I'd label this post with a "suitable for a date" tag... except the shop is smack dab in the middle of a street of soaplands and sketchy massage parlors!

Shop info here