Monday, September 21, 2009

じげん (Jigen in Takadanobaba)



I think I told Nate I wanted something heavy, but not too heavy. So we picked something that had the largest possibility of being too heavy, a fish based soup at Jigen. Let's roll the dice!


Natural 20! (Yes, Nate, I can make D&D references too.)


Freshly grilled chashu pork, huge hunks of menma, and a soup that was perfect. Even the powdered fish mound included in this type of ramen was juuuuust right.

Actually, I shouldn't say freshly grilled chashu, because the chef whipped out a blow torch to get the char on this pork. Fire made it good!

The 1 block radius of this shop is completely ramen right. You could spend a couple weeks eating at a different shop every day and never be disappointed.


Shop info here.

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