Monday, September 21, 2009

ホルモンラーメン (Horumon Ramen in Hokkaido)



And thus began an incredible trip across Hokkaido. Let me start off by saying that ramen wasn't a priority on this trip. Ramen in Hokkaido, or anywhere in Japan for that matter, tends to be better in the big cities. I have a motorcycle and a tent... big cities were not on the agenda. I didn't even stop in Sapporo for the entire month. Don't worry, I did spend a couple days in the ramen mecca of Asahikawa. Stay tuned.

What is horumon? As it is written in katakana, you immediately assume that it's some kind of... hormones? The first time you eat it (horumon is common anywhere Osaka style fried stuff is served) you will only really know that it resembles meat. Well, horu is Kansai dialect for trash, and mon is used to mean things. So horumon is the bits that usually get thrown out. Lips and assholes. Nothing to do with hormones.

It ain't bad, as long as you don't think about it.


No, I didn't order the horumon ramen, which they did have. Just a standard shoyu. It was standard. I was hungry at the time so it was fine.

But the highlight was when I left. I was getting on my bike, and a kid across the rice paddy was waving furiously at me. So I waved back. We were just waving for like a minute. Then I stopped and he must have realized that he had to pee. So he just whipped it out and took a wiz, still staring at me, waving something different this time.

Yeah, this is the countryside.

And so far I'm 0 for 1 with noodles here...

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Nate said...

whats up man! looks like you got your internet up and running. man you take some illin pictures. i just got back about two days ago (and have already downed two bowls!), and im about to do some postings for the first time in too long. lets meet up sometime soon dood!