Monday, September 21, 2009

ラーメンの蜂屋 (Hachiya in Asahikawa)



Asahikawa style ramen. I was looking forward to this. Pork bones stewed in soy sauce are used to make the rich soup. Asahikawa has magical water too, apparently, adding to the allure.

I stopped at the tourist information shop, and sure enough, they have a ramen guide to the town. Keizo from Go Ramen! had been there earlier and I should have printed out where he went. But I didn't so I just asked the locals where the top shops were. The 3 I went to were 3 of the 4 that Keizo went to, life is funny that way.

First up was the top shop, Ramen no Hachiya. Lets see what I get.


I'd bill this as a must go spot in Asahikawa. The vibe is great, and the ramen amazing. It's almost like a layer of creamy tonkotsu pork soup under a layer of fishy shoyu soup. Everything about this bowl is good. Watch the video over at Go Ramen! to see what I mean.


Shop info here

And now I'm at 50% win-loss

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G said...

Thanks very much for sharing this place! I had the Shoyu, which is what I assume you had as well. So good! Best Shoyu I've ever eaten!