Monday, September 21, 2009

ばくだん (Bakudan in Shinjuku)



Hiroshima style tsukemen. Say what?


I wasn't really in the mood for tsukemen that day. Tsukemen is 99% of the time heavy and rich. Heavy and rich has its place, don't get me wrong. But I wanted refreshing with a kick. Healthy with an explosion. ばくだん means explosion, it must be meant to be.




Bla-dow! The noodles and toppings were like a fresh salad. I could see a yoga instructor eating a plate of this with a light sesame dressing before a lesson. But I ain't no yoga instructor!


Pow! Here it is. The soup here is spiced up with plenty of chili and sesame. It's as good as it looks.


Smack! For an extra buck you get your egg and a side. I went for the rice ball, which was simple and a nice snack between spicy bites.

You can get anywhere from 0 to 20 spice level. Above 16 is "Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" I went with a 5 I think, which wasn't more than a slight tang.


The shop is eclectic and anyone who has lived in Hiroshima (me!) will get a kick out of all the random stuff in there. One note though, they don't have the owari soup that you can use to mix in the dipping sauce, which is too bad I think.

Nate went here too.

Shop info here.