Monday, August 10, 2009

No Internet, Many Bowls

Im taking a short haitus from the Internet, not from ramen. In case you don`t read my other blog, I have moved from Kichijoji to Sengoku, sans net access. Now Im in Hokkaido on a month long exodus from big, sweaty Tokyo. So expect some ramen reviews in... say... another month... ish.

Ive got about 6 from Tokyo, and maybe 12 so far from Hokkaido. I will say this though, ramen is best when the shop is out to prove themselves. I think this is why Tokyo, or ramen towns like Asahikawa have such good stuff. They have to be good or they just wont matter. Once you are out in the countryside, the bowls get pretty dull pretty quickly. I hate to be negative, but Ive had a lot of mediocre bowls lately.

I could rant about food in Hokkaido, which Ill do someday on my other blog, in... say... another month... ish.


Nate said...

wooooooord up man! i cant wait to hear about and see the latest ramen adventures. ive been slacking on eating a bit since ive been so busy moving and buying furniture and stuff. plus i am also without net at home (and loving it). about to put up a couple recent bowls though...when do you get back?

Ramen Adventures said...

Back on the 24th... ish. Im going all expressway from North Hokkaido to Tokyo. I wonder if theres a way to search for good ramen shops that are at expressway parking areas. Get on it Nate!