Tuesday, June 16, 2009

光醤 (Hikarihishio in Shibuya)



2 dilemmas. The first is an easy one. Hunger. Hankering. Feeling peckish. The solution to this is easy. Ramen!


The second dilemma is a torrential downpour. It's to be expected. This is, after all, the rainy season in Japan. As always, it was sunny at some point today, so I went out without an umbrella. This meant that to leave the shelter of the station was highly undesirable. I looked east, I looked west, and I picked the closest ramen shop to the Inokashira line in Shibuya station.

A place called Hikarihishio.


The specialty here is a miso-tonkotsu-shoyu, but I didn't order that. I saw the words ワンタン and didn't bother looking further. Wontons!


A southern style tonkotsu-shoyu soup with a little bit of spicy oil on top. And of course, wontons thrown in. I really wish more shops would make wontons.


One small gripe was that they didn't ask me how I wanted my noodles. I prefer them on the firm side, and these were a bit soft. Not to worry, my kaedama, extra order of noodles, came baribari. Perfect.


This area is always bustling, and there are a good dozen or so ramen shops within a sprint from the station. The clientele is mostly of the drunk salaryman type, but it's good to know. It's only a 5 minute walk to the South side with it's many excellent shops, but sometimes we just can't stand the rain.

Shop Info Here