Saturday, June 6, 2009

博多天神 (Hakatatengin in Shinjuku)


(I forgot how to get here. It's on the main road that parallels the park. It's either in 1-chome or 2-shome)

After my weekly Tuesday evening lesson in Shinjuku, I usually take a stroll through Kabukicho. Kabukicho is, of course, the entertainment center of Tokyo. All forms of fun can be bought here, for a price. Let me rephrase that. All forms of Japanese fun can be bought here. Hostess bars, pachinko parlors, game centers, and, of course, cheap food.


So I found myself wandering aimlessly, and somehow ended up in ni-chome. Sure, we've all heard that story before.

"No really! I ws just looking for some hot, raw men. I mean ramen! Hot ramen!"

"I'm totally a top guy. I mean toppings! I love lots of toppings on my hot, raw men. Dammit!"


Anyways, the fare here is standard Hakata stuff. A bit lacking on the flavor scale. I got a bowl covered in nori seawead and negi, green onions.


Oh, yeah, it's only 500 yen for the basic bowl. That's like 5 bucks.


This shop has 5 or 6 branches in the Shinjuku area alone.

Shop Info Here


Nate said...

oh man! i never made the ramen / raw men connection. though i guess ni-chome is the place to go for either. i have a soft spot for hakata tenjin after so many improptu carbo-loading decisions with my drunk salaryman buddies. one of my pals still suggests going to hakata tenjin basically every time we finish drinking.

Keizo Shimamoto said...

Woah that's a load of negay, I mean negi.

Hey Nate, don't lie. Everyone makes that connection. hahaha.


I'm working to my Japanese honeymoon photos and finally I saw the name of the best ramen in Japan: it was Hakatatengin!!!