Sunday, May 17, 2009

鷹流 (Yatai Ramen in Takadanobaba)


(turn left out of the Waseda Exit at Takadanobaba station. A couple blocks along the main road, hop over to the alley running parallel. It's over there)

Yatai is the... wordiest shop I've seen in a while.


Inside there were instruction manuals about how to eat the different bowls. "Don't add ingredient X and ingredient Y, only 1 is good!" Luckily I was with Nate who possesses the skills to pay the bills.


On one wall is a plethora of ramen related reading. On the other wall...


The owner is into Harley's. The 3rd, un-photographed wall had bottles of スズメ蜂 wine. What's that? It's booze made from killer Japanese wasps, that's what!


And in front of you? A hair band so the ladies (and hippy college students who frequent the area) don't get hair in their ramen. Genius!

What kind of ramen comes from such an eccentric place?


The awesome kind.


Salt from Iwate prefecture melds with piles of chicken for a refreshing bowl of ramen. It was served warm, not blazing hot, and fit perfect with the heat outside. Tomato and lettuce, and what I can only describe as young menma finished the toppings. And hella chicken.


Also olive oil.

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Keizo Shimamoto said...

I was gonna post this place tonight. Pretty cool you guys checked it out. I'm sure that hair band came in useful for ya. haha.