Monday, May 11, 2009

鏑矢 (Kaburaya in Shibuya)


(Exit Shibuya New South Exit and go straight to the main street. I think it's right a block... or maybe left. Anyways, it's close)

After a day of Shibuya, nothing beats a bowl of ramen. What is a day of Shibuya you ask? I could be a standard day of shopping for $600 motorcycle vests that say "Engage the Cool. Porno Story" at the 109-2 men's store. Or maybe it means a leisurly visit to the Tabaco and Salt Museum. Today my Shibuya day consisted of marching in a worker's demonstration. This is slightly relevant to ramen because much of the staff of ramen shops are part time workers who deserve financial stability. Let's eat!


Due to Mos Burger being out of their vegie burger, our non-ramen friend headed out and Nate of Waseda Ramen and I had a discussion. There are a ton of shops around the main street in Shibuya, Center-Gai, but they aren't really amazing. But luckily, there is a less traveled-to south side with a nice ramen presence.


We counted about a dozen shops within 3 minutes of each other. Kaburaya popped out.


The house serves up a porky soy sauce soup, thick noodles, and tons of toppings on the counter. Nothing amazing, but a jack of all trades for sure, this was pretty damn satisfying after a long day's march.

Shop info here


Nate said...

please tell me you bought the porno jacket at 109-2??

Ramen Adventures said...

If only these ultra cool Engrish clothes were in any way affordable...

Nate said...

yeah i think i have bought one item of clothes in japan, like ever. and it was those huge construction worker pants.

PudgyM29 said...

I bought the Japanese schoolgirl outfit for ¥5,000 at the Don Quijote in Roppongi.
Guess what I am going to be this Halloween? :)
(I also obtained the Hard Rock Café - Hello Kitty® adult t-shirt.)