Sunday, May 31, 2009

だるま (Daruma Ramen in Akihabara)


(hard to describe, check the link at the bottom. It's near Akihabara station.

You know you're in Akihabara when you see this in a ramen shop.


Sexy anime girl toys. Speaking of hot, this ramen was hot. Not the sexy kind, but the scalding oil variety of hot.


I've never had a tonkotsu with half an inch of boiling oil on top. The best way to cool it off was to load on the toppings. Standard fare here, but this time you get your own mortar and pestle to crush the sesame seeds and garlic. Fun!


The guys next to me were trading collectible maid cosplay cards.


This shop was right in the middle of the Akihabara madness. I bought some cheap SD cards next door. Just down the street is Super Potato, your retro gaming one-stop superstore. There was a guy dressed as Pikachu handing out cakes on the road. I like it here.

Trouble finding the shop? It's right under a giant adult movie store. Enjoy!


The ramen was standard. I think the hot oil on top takes a lot of the flavor away. Maybe that's because my taste buds were singed off though.

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