Sunday, May 17, 2009

東京ビッグサイトラーメン (Convention Ramen at Big Sight)

Tokyo Big Sight is a massive convention hall in the Odaiba area of Tokyo. This is one of the places to go see hella cosplay people, a firefighting trade show, or the bi-annual Design Festa.

I found ramen in the food area. There were kebabs... and I passed them up for ramen. Well, what's done is done, and here's what I ate. (tried to eat)


Paiko Ramen. Paiko is a big piece of fatty pork, deep fried and just tossed on top. It was horrid.

I've got nothing against deep fried. Actually, some sort of southern fried steak might go great on top of some miso ramen.

Now that I think about it, Paiko is pretty much just a fatty pork chop. And I know pork chops. You wanna eat well? Invite me over and give me a pork chop, frying pan, and oven. You gotta tenderize that piece of meat first and foremost. Then you must sear it. Finally, slow roasting is necessary. Damn, the lack of ovens in Japan means I haven't had a good pork chop in 3 years. Here's a tip: Coca Cola glaze is knocking at the door, let him in, he wants to make sweet sweet love to your dinner.

Anyways, don't eat ramen at convention halls (duh).

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