Wednesday, April 22, 2009

大勝軒 (Taishoken in Eifukucho)


(from Eifukucho station, it's just across the street from the exit)

Taishoken is very old. You're sure to realize that upon entering. You are greeted with the usual fanfare of a good ramen shop, and also some huge black and white photos from what looks like the 50s. Does old translate to good in the language of ramen?


First off, let me say this. The layer of oil on this shoyu ramen is scalding hot. I wish I would have familiarized myself with rameniac's account of the place and prepared. I didn't, and 24 hours later am still recovering from singeing off all my tastbuds.


Don't let this photo fool you. That soup spoon is more than double the size of a normal soup spoon. This is a big, expensive bowl. The cheapest one is a whopping 1050 yen. I don't often post prices, because almost every bowl in Japan is 700-800 yen. But breaking the 1000 yen barrier with no real selection of toppings... I'm against that notion.


I couldn't finish this bowl. I had burnt my tongue, and even the warm left over soup hurt. But it wasn't a bad bowl. Actually, it was really good. So good that they have a thriving omiyage, gift pack, business.


You can fill out a delivery slip and they will send it anywhere in Japan. Too bad all my ramen friends live stateside!


I had a real delight when I found a small piece of yuzu peel in my soup. Their broth is complex like that. And the noodles are curly, springy, eggy delights. But seriously, eat them 2 at a time or you will burn yourself. My slurping skills are pretty good I humbly admit, but I was beaten down at Taishoken.


N. Hide said...

I lived very close to the shop in the 60's when Ramen was around 30-40 yen. My US Military school bus would drop me off close to the shop and I would see long lines waiting for the Ramen. The scalding oil layer is famous and there were warning signs in Japanese on the walls. Another favorite shop was about 3 kilos away called Dai-Ichigen where Ramen was 15-25 yen in the 50's.

Ramen Adventures said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!