Tuesday, April 14, 2009

神座 (Kamukura in Shibuya 2nd Time)


A few month ago I went to Kamukura Ramen in Shibuya for the first time. You may remember I praised it, even said it could be a must visit in Tokyo. You may also remember their philosophy.


1st time you will be surprised... check.
2nd time you will experience a new taste... check.


So how was the 2nd time? Meh.


That's right, it was a totally new taste. And that taste wasn't really much. Just kind of... plain. Maybe the kimchi I got this time killed the flavor. I don't know. Maybe, because it was really really cold in January, this ramen did the trick. Be sure to check Keizo's blog, we met up to go here.

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Keizo Shimamoto said...

Maybe the rain water got in the soup. Don't worry, the 3rd time should be the best! Haha!