Monday, March 23, 2009

きら星 (Kiraboshi Ramen in Mitaka)

It's been a while since I attempted to knock more ramen shops off my Top 30 in Japan list.

It's also been a while since I posted anything new. Sorry about that. I went into a sort of ramen slump, if you will. I fell into routine, becoming a creature of habit. Saturdays were usually spent eating at Bankara, and locally I tend to go to Ippudo a lot. But it's time to change, time to experience new bowls!


(from Musashisakai station, take the south exit and go a little west to 武蔵野市境南町3-11-13 )

Kiraboshi, which is only about 10 minutes by bicycle from my place. How did I not go here yet? Well, the simple answer is that this was the 4th time I've gone. Once I got there too late. Once they were on vacation. Once I just missed the lunch hours. 4th times a charm.


The menu and... a stamp rally? More on that later.


There was a line of 4 people outside. About a 15 minute wait before I was seated and ready to eat.


The payoff. Thick, concentrated soup. The master simmers pork bones for 30 hours to make his soup. This isn't everyday ramen, it was very heavy. Remember I said this place is only 10 minutes by bicycle for me? Yeah, don't ride a bicycle after eating.


One signature here is a little dollop of saba, mackerel fish, paste. It's will add a nice little kick of something different when mixed in. I gotta complain about the raw onion bits thrown in though, I'm not a fan.


できた! Done!


There is a stamp rally going on in my area for the next month! The information is here. If I get all 12, I get a Tシャツ... a T-Shirt. I hate cheezy giveaway shirts, but I'll give it a go. All except 2 are within my weekend commute to work.

Here's a video of Kiraboshi:


Dennis K. said...

Looks wonderful Brian!! Did you have to wait in line? In the video, the narrator described the paste as Wafu-An. Wow, the essence of Japanese flavor concentrated in a paste! I must try this one day. :)

Ramen Adventures said...

No wait when I went. Maybe on a weekend it will be crowded. It's also a bit out in the sticks.