Monday, February 2, 2009

よし家 (Yoshiya in Nagano)



Yokohama style ramen in Nagano. Yokohama style is a thick soy sauce tonkotsu soup. Really thick. Like, when you make homemade chicken soup, and then the next day it's turned into more of a chicken jelly than a soup.


We mobbed into this place with a group of about 8 people, all of us hung over from a night of drinking what may or may not have been beer from a local izakaya that plays old nationalist songs on the stereo.


Did I mention it was thick? Actually, you can order it 薄める - usumeru - thin. I recommend this path. The regular soup was just too salty for us. Many bowls remained half eaten.


Toppings are a plethora of green things. Cabbage, some seaweed, green onion, and what seemed like spinach.


I ordered it with extra fatty バラ pork. Fortunately, my stomach is used to this kind of abuse. Yours may not be so lucky.


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