Thursday, January 15, 2009

ラーメンヤ (Ramenya in Los Angeles)


I'm back! Went to California for 3 weeks, but unfortunately I only had a couple bowls of ramen. The problem with Los Angeles is that you need:
  1. A car, cause public transport is whack
  2. A ton of free time, cause LA traffic is whack
Lucky for me, Keizo has a ranking of 2008 LA ramen over at his site. I picked the closest one to where I was staying, Ramenya.


Yep, it had a 20 minute wait out front. So far so good. From outside, everything looked pretty honest. Sat at the counter and asked for a recommendation... in Japanese. This is simple Japanese, おすすめ ?Osusumeh should get me the house specialty. Even if it's just a standard bowl, I always do it. Her reply was, "Just look at the pictures on the menu."


To be honest, the おすすめ fails in Japan about 10% of the time too. But really, I know your place is popular and you can afford to be stand offish, but at least make something up.

I chose a bowl of negi ramen.


The pork was more of a shredded pork than traditional slices. It was also a little spicy, which was great. All in all a good bowl, worth a trip or 2 if you live in the area. I like shoyu ramen, but if I found a good tonkotsu place I'd most likely never go to Ramenya again.


Keizo Shimamoto said...

Haha. Nice! I've never tried their negi ramen but it looks pretty good. Glad to hear you made it back safely. And I agree, LA traffic is whack!

The word verification for this comment is "schypo". Uh, is that like someone who uses skype too much?...haha.

edjusted said...

Hey Brian, sorry we didn't get to meet this time. Hope you had a good time in CA. Were you able to find any good ramen or Mexican food in the bay area? Haha.

Ramen Adventures said...

As always, good Mexican food, but i didn't have a chance to try and ramen in the Bay Area. I've heard Santa Ramen is really great, so next time.