Thursday, January 15, 2009

ラーメンヤ (Ramenya in Los Angeles)


I'm back! Went to California for 3 weeks, but unfortunately I only had a couple bowls of ramen. The problem with Los Angeles is that you need:
  1. A car, cause public transport is whack
  2. A ton of free time, cause LA traffic is whack
Lucky for me, Keizo has a ranking of 2008 LA ramen over at his site. I picked the closest one to where I was staying, Ramenya.


Yep, it had a 20 minute wait out front. So far so good. From outside, everything looked pretty honest. Sat at the counter and asked for a recommendation... in Japanese. This is simple Japanese, おすすめ ?Osusumeh should get me the house specialty. Even if it's just a standard bowl, I always do it. Her reply was, "Just look at the pictures on the menu."


To be honest, the おすすめ fails in Japan about 10% of the time too. But really, I know your place is popular and you can afford to be stand offish, but at least make something up.

I chose a bowl of negi ramen.


The pork was more of a shredded pork than traditional slices. It was also a little spicy, which was great. All in all a good bowl, worth a trip or 2 if you live in the area. I like shoyu ramen, but if I found a good tonkotsu place I'd most likely never go to Ramenya again.