Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ramen Giftpack

I had some extra yen in my pocket at Narita airport, so I picked up a ramen giftpack.


There is an instant tonkotsu that I really really like in Japan. It costs about a buck for a packet, and, although it doesn't come with any toppings, it is amazing. Like liquid gold going down your throat. Except that might hurt. The ramen doesn't hurt.

So this gift box looked like it might come with all the toppings for a proper Hakata style ramen. Word.


Well, it didn't. It only came with the noodles, soup mix, and red pickled ginger. They couldn't at least have included some sesame seeds? And freeze dried green onion technology has come a long way people.

But how did it taste?


Not too good.

Managed to overcook the noodles I think, and then the noodles managed to soak up 90% of the soup. So it was big, soggy noodles. The soup tasted like... salt. No magic pork flavor.

Lesson learned, don't buy a ramen gift from the airport. Some ramen shops in Japan have them, and you can get a few at the ramen museum in Yokohama, if you go there.

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