Thursday, December 18, 2008

凪 (Yaki Cheese Ramen at Nagi)

凪 - 渋谷

Nagi is now my regular ramen shop. I teach a private lesson nearby every Tuesday, so it just makes logical sense to eat here every week. One of the cool things here, besides the だれやま set (beer or shochu with a side of barbecued pork and bamboo shoots) is that they have over 50 things on the menu. Of course, I recommend the house ramen, but I've got time to branch out.

Today was 焼ーチーズーラーメン, fried ramen covered with cheese. They used the thin, stiff Hakata style noodles, fried it with the tonkotsu soup, and covered it with cheese. There were also little chunks of pork inside. Yeah, it's as good as it sounds.

*Years later... the menu has changed and you can't get this anymore. But you can get it at the Nagi Nicai shop!*

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