Monday, December 1, 2008

School Lunch 12/2... Ramen!

(I don't always have my camera, and have to resort to my cell phone)

Today's Junior High School lunch. Ramen noodles with some chashu pork and a mystery soup. On the side, those are 大学いも (university potatoes?). Also served with an apple and milk. Ramen doesn't really match with milk (stick with water), but the sweet fried potatoes do.

The soup was a sort of random thing. More like real soup than ramen broth. There were lots of carrots and bamboo shoots.

I had the 大盛 size with a couple extra plates of potatoes and an extra 2 milks.

I did a small survey of the kids I ate lunch with this day (about 30 thirteen year olds) and they actually prefer miso ramen the most. Adults are like 90% for tonkotsu, which makes sense.

Ever had ramen served at your school?

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Dennis K. said...

I think the photo is fantastic! I love these documentary type captures. Thanks for sharing!