Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chen Ping in Tachikawa

The Grandia building in JR Tachikawa station is home to a funky Chinatown. Yeah, Chinatown. Hmmmm, maybe more of a China food court. Take the escalators to the top floor of this department store and you are treated to about 10 Chinese restaurants. Half are dim sum places, others are random chinese food, but one, Chen Ping, is a ramen shop.


The taste is almost like Vietnamese Pho broth. Salty and spicy. The taste of cilantro went well with the shrimp and fried pork bits that were in the bowl.

Nice to have something different, but the fact that I was eating in a department store kind of took away from the magic.

From JR Tachikawa, take the Granduo exit. It's on the 7th floor in Chinatown.

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