Monday, November 24, 2008

虎洞 (Kodo in Kichijoji Winter Release)


Every season brings a new release at this Kichijoji shop. I had the spring release, a shrimp soup with shrimp wonton and asparagus. I had the summer release, a spicy dipping noodle. I missed the autumn. And now it's the winter one.

The broth has almost no flavor. The noodles were way soft. The cabbage didn't add much. Is this a complaint? Not really. This ramen would be great as a chicken soup substitute for the sick. About half a dozen won-tons add to this. Actually, it tastes almost exactly like won-ton soup at Chinese restaurants in America.

If you are easy to get jealous, you will see what other people are eating and suddenly that green eyed monster will rear it's head. There is something called "mega meat" I think. It's the polar opposite of light and healthy. But sometimes the body needs to cleanse for a little.

Refreshing is a good adjective.


Keizo Shimamoto said...

Dude, you must be talking about this place--Menya Musashi Kodou. That place is great! I'm so jealous!

Ramen Adventures said...

That's the one. I love Kichijoji, with such a variety of ramen. That's why I moved here!