Tuesday, November 11, 2008

汐留ラーメン (Shiodome Ramen in Shidome)


Actually, I went here almost a year ago. This was before I started my ramen hunting adventures. It was December 8th, 2007. I had just moved from Kure, a city in Hiroshima prefecture, and hadn't had good ramen in a really long time. But I knew one guy who could set me straight.

Jackie Chan!

A few days prior he had been to this area and ate here. Actually, this shop is in the NTV building. So maybe it's sort of a celebrity hangout. Don't expect to meet Jackie Chan. If you are lucky, you could meet a Japanese celebrity, like that guy who dresses like a school girl and beats people with a kendo sword. Or that dude who counts, and every time he says "8" he makes a funny face. He's very popular (in Japan).

The ramen here was created by some guy who won some TV contest. That's all I know. I told you, it was like a year ago, before I became a ramen maniac.

The soup is a soy sauce broth with seafood used to flavor it. I remember it being on the strong side.

At the end of the meal, toss in a bowl of rice with fried pork into you soup. Yum.

Sorry, that's all I have to say. This was so long ago, but I remember that day. You can go to Shiodome station and find this place.

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