Saturday, November 1, 2008

ゴリララーメン (Gorilla Ramen in Fuchu)


Somewhere in Fuchu city, on Route 20, is a place called Gorilla Ramen.

Actually, I was trying to get to the #3 place on my list, but they were closed... again. I've been there a few times, and each time is the same story. Today I think I just missed them, as the gate on the store was halfway open.

Driving home on congested Route 20, I saw this place. I couldn't resist.

Not crowded at all, just one other guy reading a manga. The staff was in good spirits at having some strange foreign guy in their store taking photos. Trying to hold back their laughter, they took my order. Of course, I ordered the ゴーリラーラーメン, Gorilla Ramen. It was a spicy bowl of shoyu, with ground meat in the soup.

Seriously, the master was cracking up with his friend in the back the whole time I was there.

Fairly standard stuff, with a perfect kick of spice. The heat stuck on my tongue for a while after I left.

Most people don't finish the soup in their shoyu ramen, but I did. Surprise!


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びっくりした。私は いつも 全部な スープを 飲んだ!