Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ばんから (Bankara in Tachikawa again)


This time I brought my camera to take some photos of the soy sauce ramen. This bowl is rich and full of abura. What could make it more delicious? Bunkara's giant slab of pork, which comes along side the regular slice of chayshu. This is a great bowl, but I recommend the tonkotsu more. And yes, the tonkotsu comes with a giant slab of pork as well.

Also on the menu today was a side of rice topped with mountain vegetables. If you are feling like even more meat, you can order rice topped with grilled meat (pork I'm assuming). I saved about half the soup broth and dumped the rice in at the end of the meal. Suddenly I had what equated to another bowl of ramen on my hands. Yeah, it was too much.

Finding a balance is a hard thing to do.

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