Monday, October 13, 2008

すずらん (Suzuran Ramen in Shibuya)

中華そば すずらん

3-7-5 Shibuya, Tokyo
Go out the south exit at Shibuya station and find a map or ask a cop.

Suzuran is a popular ramen shop on the south side of Shibuya. It's close to one of my drinking places, Cataratas. I went for the おすすめ (recommended) and ended up with miso and vegetable tsukemen. You can order about five different types of noodles here. The flat noodles looked interesting, I'll try those next time.

The vegetables were mostly sprouts and cabbage, which is the norm for ramen at most places.

The menu is extensive, but it's mostly standard fare. There were some rice options and a couple soup styles. Nice atmosphere as well.

More Shop Info Here

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