Monday, October 13, 2008

にゃみ (Nyami in Tachikawa)


A standard しょゆう (soy sauce) bowl of ramen at Nyami. There was a medium amount of あぶら (suspended fat globules) in the soup. あぶら sounds really bad in theory, but it's great. Little rice grain sized bits of pork fat. You don't feel them, they just blend in with the soup. Toppings were standard fare. Bean sprouts, about 2 tiny pieces of cabbage, pork and an egg. Sounds like Ramen Jiro. I made the mistake of ordering 大盛り, the large serving, which came with 400g of noodles instead of 200g.

Ordering too much has been a recurring theme lately. Remember, on the ticket machines, the standard, normal size ramen is usually on the upper left.

One of the waitresses had a swastika tattoo on her arm. She didn't look like a Shinto priestess or a Neo-Nazi, and it was obviously done in someones bathroom with a safety pin and magic marker. Curious...

2 down, 4 to go at the Tachikawa NY Ramen Square.


PudgyM29 said...

Do you have an FAQ about what each button on the standard ticket machine signifies?
I want to eat the miso ramen. But frequently, I was stumped by the unlabelled orange buttons at the top of the machine. It appears I am requesting 1, or 2, or more of something. Is that where I indicate the larger serving? But would that require a different main button?

Ramen Adventures said...

If it looks like 1玉、1.5玉、2玉 (tama)... That is the number of servings of noodles. It's either written like that or like 小盛、中盛,大盛, which mean small size, middle size, big size. Anything above 2玉 or 大盛 is getting crazy.