Monday, October 13, 2008

萬馬軒 (Manbaken)


Manbaken means lucky ticket. Like at the track. Horses and what not. Somehow this relates to ramen. This place was near Meguro station and recommended by a police officer. Here's a tip, just go to the Koban, police station, and ask where a good ramen shop is. Is this like asking an American cop about donuts? Maybe, but they always seem to know. Seems like the two hobbies of Tokyo police are stopping me on my bike to ask for identification and eating ramen.

Manbaken was fairly empty. The ramen was Tokyo style I think, which is a shoyu soup made with fish bones. All in all this shop was just so-so. Lots of other goodies on the menu, like fried rice and meat dishes. Many ramen shops have only 3 or 4 menu items. But you go to ramen shops to eat ramen, don't you?

Shop info here


Anonymous said...

hori shiachiou to aki san,senpai,o genki desuka?boku wa oomori wai taro desu.ramen tabetai desu.

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