Tuesday, October 28, 2008

伊駄天 (Idaten Ramen in Tachikawa)

Looks like Nyami is out and Idaten is in at the NY Ramen Square in Tachikawa. Damn, no more waitress with the homegrown swastika tattoo.


I have no idea what this Kanji means.

And the verdict is... out with the old and in with the new! This was some tasty stuff. The soup was really thick. Usually thick means it's a tonkotsu or miso soup, but this was a shoyu made from chicken and fish.

If you like menma, Idaten had the best menma I've had. Some sort of special house special, they were cut long and stringy.

This shop takes a definite #3 spot at the ramen stadium here.

Oh, and there was a hula show in the middle of all the shops this day. So far, I've seen a hula dance, slot car racing, and a couple live bands here. It's all free (but the slightly overpriced ramen pays for it I guess). Keep that in mind, there is usually something happening at this ramen stadium on Saturdays.

After eating you can stop buy and have an English lesson with me a block away. And yeah, I use this blog in some of my lessons.

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