Monday, January 15, 2018

東京ラーメンショー (2017 Tokyo Ramen Show)

東京ラーメンショー 2017

I'm not going to report on the event, as it is long over, but I will say that this is probably my last time trying so many bowls at one time. Famous last words, but I felt that after number six or seven my taste buds were shot.

I was with a friend, a super ramen nerd, who was trying to reach 1000 bowls in the year. You can do this by attending these sort of ramen festivals, which are now almost weekly around Japan. Other ramen nerds have begun to dislike this sort of binge eating, as it appears to be more about numbers than actually enjoying the food. I am of two minds, though wasting food is always an issue.

I was really happy to see the other Tokyo festival, the Grand Tsukemen Fest, dropping their price down to 500 yen and serving half size portions of noodles. Everyone should follow suit.

The Tokyo Ramen Show's website can be seen here.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

大つけ麺博 (2017 Grand Tsukemen Fest)

大つけ麺博 2017

The Grand Tsukemen Fest did something great this year. They dropped the price of bowls to 500 yen, and they halved the portions. This meant that I could roll in with a couple of friends each week (the event lasted 5 weeks, with different shops each time) and easily try all nine bowls.

Not only was this great, but I think this was the best ramen event in terms of taste that I have ever been to. Usually, eating ramen outdoors in a plastic bowl means a very substandard bowl, but the Grand Tsukemen Fest delivered this time.

Every year in October. Mark your calendars. For 2018, I am going to try and get some overseas shops to participate.

Monday, January 8, 2018

長浜らーめん (Nagahama Ramen in Setagaya)



Not sure how this one ended up on my list of spots to try.


At 600 yen, though, it's a steal.


A stinky, stinky steal. I could smell this shop a block away. A typical smell for a typical bowl of tonkotsu ramen.


Oh wait, I remember why I wanted to come!


Despite the odd smattering of famous people's signatures, I remember my friend Ladybeard had been here for a video shoot.

Yes, I have interesting friends in Japan. Ladybeard has since left the Ladybaby group and gone on to form Deadlift Lolita, the first weight training idol group of its kind. But you probably already knew that.


Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Kamikitazawa 4-30-8
Closest station: Hachimanyama

Open 11:00-5:00am
Closed Wednesdays