Thursday, July 12, 2018

長浜ナンバーワン (Nagahama Number One in Ookayama)

長浜ナンバーワン 大岡山店

More iPhone photos. Apologies.

Number One hails from Kyushu. I was eating with a Fukuoka native, and he wanted to see if this one held a torch to the original shop.

Standard tonkotsu ramen. For me, I can usually think of an interesting description of why excellent tonkotsu ramen is excellent, or why bad tonkotsu ramen is bad. Standard is just, well, standard to my taste buds.

Decent enough, and now I would like to try the original shop myself.

Monday, July 9, 2018

間人 (Manin in Jiyugaoka)


Apologies for the terrible iPhone photos. I was out, camera-less, for sushi with a friend, and he insisted on crushing a few bowls. Who am I to say no?

Manin is an above average (price-wise at least) shabushabu restaurant in the evenings, serving up thinly sliced 黒豚 Berkshire pork to be dipped in their homemade dashi. It looks fantastic, but it's a dinner only thing. Lunch is tsukemen.

The lunch sets all come with a rice bowl on the side. Seasoned whitebait on rice. Tasty.

The tsukemen is a simple affair, served in wooden trays often found at soba shops. Paired with a pork-infused dashi and you are good to go. I don't imagine many people know about this spot, but if you are in the area, check it out.

Website here.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

麺庵 ちとせ (Menan Chitose in Shinjuku)

麺庵 ちとせ

Who doesn't love a good Japanese-style tantanmen? Japanese tantanmen tends to be lighter, using a ramen soup to give the heavy spices a bit of balance. Underlying umami with a kick.

Chitose serves up a few choices; shio, shoyu, and tantanmen. The shio and shoyu both come with some amazing looking chashu, so I ordered myself a mini bowl of chashu over rice. And a beer, which unknowingly came with some chashu as well.

Definitely a recommended bowl. As always, the I could go for more spice, but that comes with the territory. Unless something in Japan is advertised as extremely spicy, it probably registers at about a 1 on the spice scale.

I'm not complaining, but I didn't really need the extra rice bowl. Get one to share, or get a beer with the service side of chashu.

Along with the shio and shoyu, they also offer a soupless tantanmen, and what looks like a regular appearance of limited bowls.