Monday, November 12, 2018

もっこす (Mokkosu in Kobe)


Quick! I made a video!

Mokkosu is one of Kobe's most famous shops. Some 40 years ago, the founder studied at Kyoto's Daiichi Asahi, and brought that classic chukasoba vibe down to Kobe.

Shoyu ramen, thin noodles, copious thinly-sliced chashu.

And plenty of condiments for the top.

Open late, and since Kobe is the home of Japan's biggest criminal syndicate, you'll probably run into a few low level gangsters here. Definitely recommended.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

新生軒 (Shinseiken in Himeji)


Himeji is known for their pure white castle. It could possible be the most famous castle in the country.

Well, I work here about once a year, so I've seen it, been in it, and experienced everything it has to offer.

Gyoza and ramen, on the other hand . . .

Wow, talk about a simple bowl.

The gyoza were mega garlicky, just like they should be.

This clear chicken broth had almost no impact. Flavors from the green onion and wakame seaweed were intense, as well as a little hint of ginger. If you aren't in the mood for noodles, they make a version with only wontons as well.

Monday, November 5, 2018

なかとら食堂 (Nakatora in Gifu)


Lunch at Yanagiya. What a treat. You can read about this shop here. By the way, I post non-ramen over on my Instagram.

I was with some serious foodies, and we had plans for snow-aged beef that night. With time to kill, we hit up a local shokudo; a casual dining restaurant.

The menu is all over the place. Fried fish, pork cutlets, cheese-stuffed fishcakes, and of course, ramen. Everything on offer is less than 500 yen.

At a few hundred yen, this one is pure cost-performance comfort.

I can't throw heaps of praise at it, but this smoky, local's shop was a perfect spot to spend an hour relaxing.

They even let us park our motorcycles out front.